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Why the cute little Pink Cow? Because we support the anti-cancer efforts in women’s health by offering chemical free skin care with all natural ingredients. Also, our main ingredient is Colostrum, the first milk, from happy, outdoor, grass-fed, New Zealand cows, hence the cute pink cow.

The word “cream” is upside down because we are from ‘Downunder’/New Zealand originally and are turning the skin care industry upside down with our new revolutionary formulation. We are the first to have Colostrum as the main ingredient with zero fillers, no added water, no parabens, no petrochemicals, no alcohol, no toxic chemicals, zero bull!

Our mission is to educate women (and their families) about the importance ofc oosing healthy chemical-free, bio-available skin care.

Our products are hand-batched, to order, made with love in America. Support American made!

theCream range of natural skin care is the brain child of Denie Hiestand,  a Natural Health Consultant, and former dairy farmer from New Zealand. The line of skin care products called theCream, contains the purest Colostrum from New Zealand outdoor, grass-fed, happy cows, plus other pure, natural ingredients.

theCream line of skin care was developed originally as a result of a promise Denie Hiestand made to one of his clients to make a “truly healthy skin cream with zero toxic chemcials, parabens or petrochemicals.”

In his Natural Health Practice, Denie Hiestand took all his clients off their traditional skin care regimes so that they would not overload their bodies with dangerous chemicals. However, a client pleaded with him, “A lady is allowed to feel she is beautiful” and it is very difficult for any woman to go without her beauty products, so Denie went to work to “make a truly natural skin care that works.”

Eight years of research and development birthed theCream  natural skin care products.

Dedicated to purity and only using the finest, highest-grade, pure ingredients. Offering women and their families a truly natural choice in skin care.

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